Zachary Lopez



I am a software engineer focused on providing solutions. I believe that software and technology allows me to have a wider impact on the world.

Beginning in January 2018, I joined the merchant team at Postmates. I’m excited about the problem space that we work on and interested in seeing how teams work when total engineers > 100.

Prio to Postmates, I worked at FiveStars. The culture, environment, and people are just what I was looking for as I made my career change away from non-profits.

I graduated from Hack Reactor Cohort 23 in March, 2015. I have a Computer Science and Computer Engineering BS from UC Davis in 2004.

In this blog I enjoy writing about tech, algorithms, and other things that interest me.

Previously, I spent the last 10 years working in the affordable housing industry, specifically in property management. This work allowed me to give directly back to my community. I am so grateful for the opportunity and for the many wonderful colleagues that I had the pleasure of working with.

Here are the companies that I have worked for:

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