Zachary Lopez


Welp, a year and half and zero posts. Gonna try to remedy that this year and at least post the things I learn and read.

Anyhow, the big news, on January 2nd, 2018, I started working at Postmates! I joined the merchant team as a Software Engineer focused on the backend.

I am incredibly excited! In my first 2 weeks, I’ve gotten a good sense of the problem space and the issues that were facing. I can very easily say that there is a ton to work and I love challenges like this. Obviously, (and hopefully) more to come as I hope to write about the things I learn and achieve moving forward.

What about FiveStars

So the last year and a half. Yeah, that’s quite a bit of time. Basically, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with FiveStars. It will always be the place where I proved my abilities as an engineer.

In the last year, I started to manage a team and continued to do IC work. Overall though, the feeling that I have is one of pride. Something clicked and I felt that whatever the task I could figure out how to do it and do it well.

It is a powerful thing to have that kind of confidence. I was never afraid of an issue or ticket. In fact, I often would sort of survey the tasks at hand, and then choose the one that I thought brought the most value to the organization.

Leaving FiveStars

At over 2 and half years, it really did become time to leave. I learned how to work and how to provide value. Now it is time to see how I can apply this new knowledge and confidence at a new company.

The first test, which I’ll write about in more detail in another post, was the job hunt. I set a goal for myself to wrap up the whole deal and accept an offer within a month of leaving FiveStars. I am happy to say that I was able to achieve this. I was able to demonstrate my value to all the companies I talked with and was able to have some fun as well.

For now, I’ll say, I’m pumped to be at Postmates and look forward to what great things my team and I will achieve.

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