Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 2 Day 2

Highlights of the day:

  • CSS is crazy powerful
  • My cohort is awesome
  • Full Stack Lecture

CSS is crazy powerful

I had no idea all the things you can do with CSS and a little jQuery. I am by no means good at a design, but with a couple lines of styling, you can get a lot done. The downside is that you can add a ton of styling code and still not see the result you want.

My cohort is awesome

This sprint, with its design elements, has provided some tangible examples of how awesome my cohort is. The projects some of the pairs produced are just amazing. I was blown away by their creativity.

Full Stack Lecture

As a bonus lecture, Joel Cox came in at 8 and gave a lecture where he built a full stack application in front of us. A lot of this was over my head and/or just plain new, but I think this will be helpful in the future. He provided great examples of how this style would be useful. The seniors in the room confirmed that this thinking will be helpful on a future sprint.

Overall, another good day. I’m super exhausted as I didn’t leave Hack Reactor until 10pm.


  • Review Angular Style guide
  • Review Gulp
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