Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 2 Day 6

Happy it’s the weekend and happy to have a 1 week break. This week I definitely felt fatigue set in over the duration. When I am at Hack Reactor, it is so high energy that my mind is racing pretty much all day. Stay past 10 a few nights in a row and it makes the end of the week hard.

Highlights of the day:

  • D3
  • Git
  • Break


Wrapped up the D3 sprint today. Just hit the basic requirements, but now I think that I have a firm grasp on how I could use this to represent large data sets. My mind tends towards questions like this, rather than the game we built. Hopefully, I’ll use this library sometime in the near future.


Nearly thought I was in Git jail again, but Hack Reactor help desk pulled me out of it. I’m just relieved that any issues I had are seemingly fixed. Also, it’s lucky that it is only affecting one of my repos and not all or several of them.


As I said above, I’m happy for this break. I can catch up with people, catch up on any concepts, and maybe write some posts that are more technical in nature. In the next week, I’ll break down the N-queens code that I tweeted out.

Happy holidays!

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