Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 3 Day 2

Highlights of the day:

  • Backbone
  • Feedback


Backbone is a javascript framework that separates concerns into Models, Collections, and Views. We are just scratching the surface of this as we will hit a full sprint on this tomorrow. My pair, David Ernst, and I were able to start to work on adapting our current sprint project into a backbone applications.

This seemed to be a useful way to organize data, information, and rendering of html. More to come.


One of the things I like about Hack Reactor is that there is a focus on soft skills. Today we had a session about giving and receiving feedback particularly around pair programming. I thought it was great that we would even cover this at all. I love that it will give us all a common language to discuss issues with. I have always valued communication skills and can definitely see the benefits in tech.

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