Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 5 Day 1

Started a new sprint today with Ryan Lee focused on authentication. Today’s lectures brought out some scary things about safety and security on the internet. Basically, a site’s security is only as good as the engineers implementing them.

Today’s security standards will soon be obsolete. It’s important to keep data secure and to continously update your security methods.

Highlights of the day:

  • SQLite
  • Authentication


SQLite is a serverless database system. Because of it’s ease to set up (very minimal), it is perfect for development. In english, this database starts fast and allows the developer to focus on other features of the app or site. Then later, when ready, the developer can swap in a full and scalable database.


Authentication is the process to identify users on a site or service. There are many considerations to account for. One has to keep the data safe, while maintaining a useful user interface.

Today’s sprint is most interesting because for any good web application having users with profiles is practically a given.

I’m excited to learn more.

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