Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 5 Day 5 & 6

New sprint and last sprint of the Junior part of Hack Reactor. It has been a wild and engaging 5 weeks. We are now entering the project phase of this course and excitement is high.

For the past few days, project ideas have been on everyone’s mind. I have a few ideas and we will see what I land on.

Highlights of these 2 days:

  • Angular
  • Working with full stack apps


Angular is a one of the most popular frameworks in Javascript. Backed by Google, Angular lets you create more dynamic web applications.

One of the amazing things about Angular is that by including it in your html, you can write a functioning app all in html just by adding a few “ng” tags for actions and data and the like.

This was the focus of this last two day sprint I did with Christian Reyes. We took the last sprint and basically swapped out the front end to use Angular.

There is a lot to know, but already I can see the power of it.

Working with full stack apps

In this last week or so, we have been working with full stack apps. This has been amazing to see how it all works together. The goal has been to swap out various portions, migrate databases, change the server, update the front end, and through all of this you have to read through all the code to get a sense of what’s going on.

These skills are going to pay off in our future careers. I have enjoyed the sprint period and I look forward to the project period.

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