Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 6 Day 2

What a crazy day. Went to bed around 1, woke up around 6. Kept on coding to hit my MVP.

Highlights of the day:

  • Three.js
  • Cohort MVPs


I was able to get collision detection working. Overall, I think I had somewhere near 500 lines of code. In remembering doing graphics before, this would have been easily 5 times the lines of code without the three.js library.

There is not a ton of documentation out there. I learned the most from examples of source code doing various things.

I was able to implement collision detection, multiple cameras, and a first-person view camera all in the browser.

Cohort MVPs

Just a ton of cool stuff. Everyone had great projects that were interesting or definitely demonstrated the power of the technology.

I enjoyed the rapid 60 second presentations. The work really had to speak for itself. There wasn’t enough time to explain things away, the truth was on the screen.

I loved it.

Tomorrow we start group (4 person) projects.

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