Zachary Lopez

Hack Reactor - Week 6 Day 5 & 6

These past two days have been a blur. Friday was a project day that got shortened to celebrate the graduating seniors. It was great getting to congratulate and talk to several seniors and hear all about interviewing.

Saturday was hiring assessment day.

Highlights of the day:

  • Hiring Assessment

Hiring Assessment

The hiring assessment is a big test to check on the skills you picked during the first 6 weeks. While the day is long (~5 hours for the test), I enjoyed it. It was satisfying to work through all the problems and prove to myself that I know what I am doing.

It felt like a great gauge for both Hack Reactor and I to use to make sure I am doing well and on the way success for the second half and ultimately getting hired.

Now, we have a 1 week “break” known as “solo week.” We are expected to work remotely about half time (5 hours) on our group projects. This is a good opportunity to see work on communication and team dynamics.

It’s still pretty hard to believe that my cohort will be the “seniors” following this break. We will have new juniors looking up to us. Crazy how fast this is going.

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